Canadian Tour 2004: This tour moves between Vancouver and Toronto, Summer 2004.

Free Trade, Vancouver Grassy Narrows, Winnipeg Osborne Village, Winnipeg Amok, Winnipeg Audit, Winnipeg Bienvenue, Winnipeg Canmore Hotel, Canmore Where'd My House Go, Canmore Centipede, Canmore Buy Nothing Day, Canmore Stealer, Canmore Calgary Posters Sasktel Mobility, Saskatchewan Sasktel 2 Sasktel 3 Sasktel 4 Sasktel 5 Don't Litter, Lake of the Woods McDeal, Kenora 200, Sudbury Hidden Cameras, Toronto Wasted Talent, Toronto Wasted Talent 2, Toronto Graffiti Transformation Project, Toronto Post No Bills, Toronto Filth, Toronto Room 101, Toronto Cry Tuff, Toronto Checkmate, Toronto Reclaim, Toronto Bunny, Toronto Resist Control, Toronto Slingshots, Toronto Less Talk, More Squats, Toronto Most wanted, Toronto Shut Down Bay Street, Toronto Jesus Ate My Baby, Toronto Czehoski, Toronto American Idiot, Toronto Take Back the Night, Toronto Support American War Resisters, Toronto DEA: Go Away, Vancouver Stop, Nanaimo Mens, Saltspring Island Ferry Womens, Saltspring Island Ferry Here, With Nothing for Collaboration, Vancouver Naked, Toronto Peace, Toronto