Young Graffiti "Vandals" Should Be Recognized as Urban Artists (Centretown News, Carlton University, Ottawa, February 22, 2002)

From Montreal:

When the Stencil Hits the Road (originally published in the Globe and Mail, January 6, 2005)
re: graffit artist Roadsworth and questions of art and vandalism

Roadsworth busted (Montreal Mirror, December 9 - 15, 2004)

The Arrest of Roadsworth (Wooster Collective, December 19, 2004)

From Toronto:

The Dreaded Poster Plague (The Front Ezine, June 10, 1999)

Long Live and Poster (Eye Weekly, 1994)


Taipei and legal graffiti (Taiwan Government News, January 25, 2005)
*if this article is no longer posted on the Taiwan Govt site, a copy of the article can be found at Graphotism...

London and railway graffiti costs (Rail News, January 24, 2005)

From Scotland:

Government news release (July 15, 2004)

Labour party news release (June 18, 2004)

National Autism Society raises concerns (news release, June 15, 2004)

Green party concerns (news release, December 11, 2003)

Glasgow and graffiti costs / prevention (Evening Times, November 20, 2003)>

Glasgow and Edinborough - Cities condemn project which uses website to promote graffiti (on No Graf site, news source unnamed, June 27, 2003)

From the USA:

U.S. graffiti artists help rub out vandalism' (Police One News, September 20, 2004)

Grand Rapids, Michigan and Graffiti on the Rise (Michigan Independent Media Centre, July 29, 2003)

Free Speech Seattle - inactive since the city's poster ban was overturned in March 2002 but see related news stories...



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